Say you work for the police and most folk automatically assume you’re a police officer, paid to do a full-time job of enforcing the law and protecting the public. A not unreasonable assumption there are another two breeds of employee within every force. Police staff, civilians who carry out various jobs within the force that don’t require a cop to do, and the Special Constables – unpaid volunteer police officers who work alongside the regulars, kind of like a TA for the police.

I’m both a member of police staff and a Special, which puts me in an interesting position of being able to see what goes on in the office and what goes on on the front line. Hopefully this blog will shed a little light on these two worlds and how they differ, and on the twilight zone of existence that a depressingly large number of people in the modern UK live in….the zone which decent reasonable people don’t inhabit, though they pay for it in more ways than one……